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Now that Kelly's back, I have to take cheap shots at scientists.

More importantly, looks like Wikileaks is in trouble. You may not know who they are, but they've been responsible for a lot of interesting news since they were founded. If it's the kind of thing that interests you, consider chipping in a few bucks.

<3, Zach
Woop! Kelly's home! I always get to sleep faster when she's around. Basically, what I'm saying is she's boring.

Oh, also, if you wanna hear my nonsense on twitter, it is available. I occasionally discuss upcoming projects there, so the ubergeeks among you may be interested :)
Kelly's coming home tomorrrrrrowwww!
Working on a lot of cool stuff right now! Can't wait to make announcements...

Also, one my my favorite of our videos is now up at Funny or Die. Please give it a look.
Oh hey, our very own Felicity Doyle will be performing in an upcoming stage play. If you're in the LA area, give it a look!