March 21, 2005

Well, you guys did it - tonight we hit 40th place. As a reward, you may now browse the old SMBC archive from back when it was a three-panel comic I drew in college.

I've also split the forum into an SMBC and a General forum. This is more to encourage the creation of pointless topics than to confine them.

I'd also like to give a link out to REVA, whose timely fan mail helped me off my ass and back into comickery.

March 20, 2005
March 19, 2005

Please direct your eyes to the upper right-hand portion of your monitor. You may notice one of the first webcomic-based movies ever created in the history of mankind.

To see it, you'll need to download Bit Torrent

March 18, 2005

We just took 50th place at Buzzcomix! If we take 40th, I'm putting up all the old 3-panel SMBC comics. HOLY COW! Also, go check out the forum. There's a SWEET caption contest afoot.

March 17, 2005