Posted April 11, 2005 at 12:00 am

SMBC is starting to grow in readership, and I've begun to consider creating SMBC items for sale in order to make MASSIVE PROFITS. Post in the forum to say what you'd like. PS: You guys are voting DYNAMOS. I'll be on the top ten at webcomicslist in no time! Look for new Moloch AND Vince again this weekend.

Posted April 10, 2005 at 12:00 am

Wuh oh, looks like we've strayed dangerously close to what people call "Sequential Art."

I'd like to say that I really appreciate the kind of support you guys have been giving in terms of voting. Only half a day in, and we've shot wayyyy up the other two major lists. That kind of support is really a motivation boost. It's that kind of thing that allows me to complete the Herculean task of doing NINE UPDATES A WEEK.

I really don't understand how people who have the privelege of doing their webcomics as their sole job don't update more. If I had 16 hours a day just to devote to comics, I'd update all three of my comics every single day. Maybe more.

Then again, there's a significant chance I'd get fat on the big webcomics dollars, and the voluptuous webcomics groupies (THEY'RE OUT THERE SHUTUP). I will make the following promise, however: If I ever get enough support to do this comics thing as a job, I will draw comics for 48 hours straight, without sleep.

Speaking of which, 24 hour comic day is coming soon. Anyone in the LA area doing this,

Posted April 9, 2005 at 12:00 am


New MOLOCH page to vote for. BOOYA.

Also, read Bored and Evil. It appeals to my nerdy side and my horror-lovin' side. If you're any kind of human being you'll read the whole damn thing.

So, I put up two new vote buttons today.

My nerdly muscular, popular, and fetching webmaster was concerned that this would seem lame, but here's why it's not.

Any webcartoonist who says he's "just doing it for himself," is lying. If he were, there'd be no need to online the comic. The reason the comic is online is for other people to see, enjoy, and critique it.

As such, I want as many people in as many communities as possible to see the comic. Thus, I've got vote counters on several of the large sites.

That said, my view has always been that the vote is just a bonus. Certainly, as a reader, you aren't obligated to vote daily or ever. My attitude is that the vote button is like a tip jar. If you really liked today's service, you can show it by voting at one or all of the above links (BUT NEVER TWO!). If you didn't, by all means, don't vote, send me a nasty email, and spam my forum.

-Zach (IM WizToast)

(BTW, it's really cool that Pierre-Luc Brunet has a site again. His original site was the first top list I ever joined and was very good to me. I don't know whose fault it was when everything went down in flames, but I really liked the original set up.)

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