Posted June 9, 2006 at 12:00 am

YOHO, yes, it is 4AM.

I'm working on becoming nocturnal. I figure if I adjust to non-human hours I will have fewer problems being distracted by my (usually human) cohorts.

In other news, tomorrow's SMBC (GOOD GOD, TODAY'S VOTING REWARD) may hold the record for most words in the most confusing speech bubbling in history. If you've ever wanted to say to yourself "that comic would've been better if it took 17 panels instead of 1," now's your chance.

Speaking of failure, it looks like Inverloch is about to overtake us at Buzz. It's pretty awesome to be in competition with a comic that I enjoy. I mean, sure, her 500-something pages of epic high fantasy could never match the depth of a comic that was, for example, about puppies exploding out of PTERRORDACTYL, or an angry biker with a penchant for feminine hats, but the pacing is really excellent.

More importantly than all of this, we have had another victory in the fight against legitimate intelligent comedy. This from today's emails (IM names witheld to protect the innocent).

(Guy): were going to open mic tonight
(Guy): when you coming to my house?
(Girl): idk are you there?
(Guy): silly girl
(Guy): Im at work
(Girl): ok lol
(Girl): werd!
(Girl): what's up!?
(Guy): do you have a buttfer?
(Girl): ??? a what??
(Guy): I need one tonight
(Guy): do you have one?
(Guy): Im thinking about using it for a song
(Girl): a buttfer ?lol
(Guy): yeah?
(Guy): do you have one?
(Girl): whats a buttfer?
(Guy): fer poop'n!
(Girl): ewwww

God I love my readers.

In closing, according to my newer (and theoretically correcter) site tracker, I have something on the order of 13,000 unique IPs a day. This is a few thousand more than I expected, and a baker's dozen thousand more than I deserve. That said, welcome to all you stealth readers. Your secret is now exposed. We know whom you are.

Goodnight kids. See you in the mornfternoon...


Posted June 8, 2006 at 12:00 am

Wooh! Civ almost destroyed me, but I managed to update on time.

Also, best IM conversation in history (sent to me from a reader):

(19:47:10) Nick: oh that reminds me kimmy
(19:47:16) Nick: do you have a butfer i could borrow?
(19:47:33) Kimmy: a butfer?
(19:47:35) Nick: yeah
(19:48:13) Nick: kimmy?
(19:48:36) Kimmy: a butfer? xD
(19:48:41) Nick: lol
(19:48:47) Nick: dont you have one?
(19:49:00) Nick: its okay if you dont have one
(19:49:24) Kimmy: WHat the heck are you talking about? What is a butfer?
(19:49:32) Nick: for poopin' !

Ahh, that's beautiful. You know, it's times like these that I really feel like I'm changing lives.

Also, I got a better site tracker, and it makes the bold claim that I have 13k unique IPs per day. This is about 3k more than I expected. So, from now on I will draw 13,000 visitor quality strips, rather than that 10k unique IP crap I'd been drawing.

Posted June 7, 2006 at 12:00 am
Posted June 6, 2006 at 12:00 am


A few of you may have noticed yesterday that the vote comic went unchanged, and a wholly new comic appeared here on the webpage. This is because I decided a little late that the votey comic was INADEQUATE.

So, in a grand gesture of apology, there is not only a brand spankin' new comic here on the home page, but also a new votey comic as well. Thanks for making SMBC #1.

In more EXCITING NEWS, the new Chason! webpage will be going up Monday. This comic will feature America's favorite debatably successful lecher in his hair-raising exploits every M-W-F. This, unlike most of what I've done in the past, will be a very plot-based strip, with storylines taking up 10-20 pages each. So, basically, if you like SMBC, you'll actively hate Chason!

Finally, I and another guy have formally taken ownership of Sketch Battle. For those looking through it, be fair warned, some of the archives are a bit OFF COLOR. However, we're hoping to get things looking a little more professional and improve things where we can.


PS: If we get some good questions in the forum, there'll be a new podcast up this weekend.

Posted June 5, 2006 at 12:00 am


From now on, we have a forum where you can ask questions on literally any topic. Then, every Saturday, Dr. J Sands will answer your questions via podcast from his porch-side rocking chair somewhere in the Appalachian backwoods.

Please send real questions only.