Comic for Friday will be a bit late. I'm about to open up the new project I'm doing with Chris Jones, and we've been putting the spit shine on the webpage all morning.

Hey, I'm auctioning off some store credit for CHAIN MAIL that I got from running ads a few months ago.

If you mention it, I'll send a free drawing of whatever you want to the high bidder.

ALSO, thanks to Ryan for the linky love. I get so busy with my projects (NOT TO MENTION THE SECRET ONE THAT LAUNCHES SOON) that I forget to link to stuff I like. Both I and the real world Chason (yes, he exists) are regular readers of Qwantz, and you should be too.
Woo! New Chason!

Eminkey actually had it done a while ago, but I'm just WAY behind. My apologies. Enjoy!
Hey folks - Monday comic will be a little late. I have a JOB INTERVIEW today that looks pretty promising. More on this later.