So, I'm going to be at SDCC this year. For anyone going who wants to meet, below are some pics by which to identify me, as I will not have a booth.

Also, to pique your interest, here's a look at the booklet I'll be handing out. It'll be a hand-printed booklet of some favorites from this year. If you catch me and I still have copies, I'd be happy to sign the name of someone famous for you.
Color after comic today! (or votey comic, or whoopsy comic...). Just click the red button beneath the comic. We're getting some good notes on the ChitChat program (the new comment board), and will hopefully have some updates in the near future. We'll be adding some nifty features in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Also, for those of you wondering why the dates are off, as of today I'll get back to multi-update days in my effort to catch up. I should have another update or two tonight.

Finally, love to Rene Engstrom, whose comic is awesome (potentially NSFW), and got my girlfriend to appreciate the addictive qualities of webcomics.
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