Found an artist! Woop!
Wow! I got a lot of portfolios from some great artists. I'm looking through everything now, and will get back to everyone tomorrow. Thanks!

Also, at SDCC, I'm going to be participating in the San Francisco Comic Museum's "Sketch-a-thon." Basically, for an hour on that Saturday (2 to 3, right before Dan Piraro!), if you make a donation to the museum, I'll sketch you anything you like(WITHIN REASON).

Of course, if you see me ANY time during con, I'm happy to desecrate any sketchbook for free. However, donations for work done during that hour would be greatly appreciated.

YO, any artists out there?

I'm still sitting on a serious-ish (like... Indiana Jones serious) Sci Fi script I'd love to have an artist to collab with. If you're talented (please, please no email about how the enclosed images aren't your best) and willing to put in some real time and effort in concept art first, shoot me an email.
Now and then, Mom and Dad ask whether I plan on trying my hand at political cartooning. I'm pretty sure this is as close as I'll ever come.
BAM. Gonna try to do another update either later tonight or early-ish tomorrow.