Hey nerds, my main ad provider needs me to get a demographic survey. If you would be so kind, it's here.

Please answer honestly. These guys are responsible for the best, most targeted ads (WoW, and such), so getting proper results from you means more interesting ads on SMBC. Thanks!
YO. Bernie from Alien Loves Predator is updating again. CHECK IT OUT.
Giant thanks to Chris Hallbeck for helping me get a new ad provider set up. I think I got rid of all the ones that play audio, but if you catch one, please provide me with the company name and url.

If anyone wants to explain precession to me in a physical way (the math isn't so hard), I'd love to hear it.
Bam! Two days in a row on schedule. I'm like a God.

I did an interview recently with the super cool Tom Mason. You can read it here.

This year I'm trying to read more books. In an effort to remember what sorts of things I'm reading, I've started keeping a list. Here's what I've gotten through so far (not including textbook reading):

Jan 5 - In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex
Jan 14 - Robinson Crusoe
Jan 16 - No Country for Old Men
Jan 19 - The Red Badge of Courage

The first was good, even though the story was a bit uneventful (if harrowing). Robinson Crusoe was fun and interesting. No Country for Old Men was decent, though a bit too actiony for my taste. The Red Badge of Courage was easily my favorite of them all, for it's expertly rendered characters, fascinating setting, nuanced sentiment, and (perhaps above all) it's gorgeous prose.
How's your new year going?