It's late and I'm falling asleep on my desk, and I suddenly have the concern that I haven't linked to the new shirt design much. So, have at.
Yes, the caption contest is stillllll rolling.

Anyone have any suggestions on some stuff I could do to get YOU to join the forum community? I'd like to have some more folks there to chit chat with.
Hey, I forgot to mention that I did an interview for The Manitoban. In case you're wondering, I'm actually MORE pretentious than I seem in that interview.
It was my birthday. It's not my fault I was late.

And, as a reward for your patience, Clam-Pig-God.
It's my birthday! You don't have to get me anything - just tell a loud-mouthed friend how much you like the comic.

I'll be celebrating with a small gaggle of friends in San Francisco. Woop!