BOOM! Marty and I have created our own iPhone game! (No, this is not an April Fools prank). You can buy it here.. You can check out the site (and the fact that the current high score is MINE) here. We spent a lot of time on it, and we think it's perdy damn good.

To encourage you almighty geeks, I'm making the following contest: Whoever has the top score at the end of April, I will send an original piece of artwork from an SMBC comic. BOOYA!

In case you're not sold yet, here's a video of me and Marty pitching it the only way we know how.

Take THAT, art community.

Today's linky homey is KC Green, the sexiest man in webcomics. He currently draws GUN SHOW.
WOW. Just felt a minor earthquake. Hooray for California. PS: Yes, reddit, I read you.
Today's linky homey is the lovely and talented Eric Millikin of Fetus X. Kelly and I hung out with he and his ladyfriend at a dinner during NEWW and exchanged erotic regards.

Today's linky homey is the awesome Jorge Cham of PhD Comics. If you're a grad student... well... you probably already read it.