Oh, man. Hopefully tomorrow I will finally get back to updating at a normal time. This late night schedule is killing me. But, one of the new TOP SECRET PROJECTS is moving forward on schedule. I'll have the big announcement soonish. Woop!
It's 1:30 AM and a lightning storm is coming in. I better update before I get zapped...
By GOD I shall update! Come on, now. You didn't really think I could go more than a few days without a dirty joke, did you?

Also, con-goers, I will be attending San Diego Comic-Con and APE (San Francisco) this year. Come see me. Otherwise I'll be lonely.
Contest in the forum!

Winner gets a free print of an SMBC comic. Please make sure to read the rules. Most importantly, since this is an insult war, we need you to make a few posts on the board before you're allowed in. Check it!

PS: Big thanks to Edminster and Mountainmage for making it happen.