Greg from Real Life Comics is running a donation drive to help pay for his wife's tuition. Go check it out, and see if you're interested in helping.
This is my favorite strip in a little while.

Sorry I've been less bloggy lately. The project, which I'll be able to formally announce soon consumed the last week of my life. I got about 20 hours sleep over the course of a week, and my brain is just now starting to work properly again.

I'm also catching up on the ten billion guest comics I owe various people. I SWEAR TO YOU, IT'LL BE SOON.

And, lastly, I a link to my super-cool scientist fiancee, which she massively deserves for barely hearing a word from me during my weeklong trip.
WOOH. Back from the insanity. I'll have some previewy stuff up in the near future. Also, as of tonight, updates should be back on time. BAM!