Slowly going insane...
Don't forget, Chris Hallbeck just came out with another book! One of these days I need to make one of my own...
Greg from Real Life Comics is running a donation drive to help pay for his wife's tuition. Go check it out, and see if you're interested in helping.
This is my favorite strip in a little while.

Sorry I've been less bloggy lately. The project, which I'll be able to formally announce soon consumed the last week of my life. I got about 20 hours sleep over the course of a week, and my brain is just now starting to work properly again.

I'm also catching up on the ten billion guest comics I owe various people. I SWEAR TO YOU, IT'LL BE SOON.

And, lastly, I a link to my super-cool scientist fiancee, which she massively deserves for barely hearing a word from me during my weeklong trip.