I'm really enjoying writing Snowflakes right now. Chris Jones is a genius, and James Ashby is an evil monster. Speaking of which, we'll have you another teaser for SMBC Theater on Monday. WAIT IMPATIENTLY, PLEASE.
Good day for math today. I'm onto derivatives and integrals of parametric equations. Sounds fancy, looks fancy, but it's easy as can be.
WOW, grammar nerds. Apparently I was wrong about being wrong. I believe that makes me right. You wanna weigh in here, logic nerds?

It was a good day for nerdery in general today. I killed integration factors and introductory quantum light theory. I'm also trying to kill Anna Karenina, but MAN this book is slow. He has sections on what a guy's DOG is thinking about the situation. There is such a thing as too much world detail!

Oh, and how am I such a douche that I haven't linked to the awesome NEDROID yet? It's by Anthony Clark, and is super-keen.
Man, it was definitely ONE OF THOSE DAYS. And, oddly, this seems to have been true of almost everyone I spoke to today, including the ever-cheery Kelly. Hopefully things will calm down a bit after Comic-Con.

Looks like we've passed the middle of summer. How are you maximizing your time off?
San Diego Comic-Con attendees!

First, don't forget, I will be attending the con. Come say hi!

Second, if you're over 21, and a fan of AWESOME, come buy tickets to the show I'll be doing with Explosm. It's a big comedy and music good time, and will be the debut of my new sketch comedy group, SMBC THEATER. Seriously, it's gonna be a good time. Plus, when I get famous (probably for homicide) you can say you saw the first ever show of SMBC Theater.