January 30, 2011
Wooh! This has officially been the busiest month in the history of the site :) To all you lovely ubergeeks who check in regularly-- I can't thank you enough. 2011 is looking GREAT!
January 29, 2011
Just because it's been so popular, don't forget to check out the new vid!
January 28, 2011
Do you have hair? Do you like science? Time to COMBINE THEM.

Also, just another reminder, you can now navigate the site with z, x, and c, for back, random, and forth. Whee!
January 27, 2011
Hey geeks! New website feature: Try pressing z, x, or c while navigating around the site :)
January 26, 2011
Kelly's going away for research for 2 weeks. BOOOOOO!