OOF. NYCC defeated.

Tomorrow, UPENN!.
WHOO! Last day of NYCC's a-comin'!
Today's comic brought to you by balls.

Also, final reminder that tomorrow is the debut of new books and monocles!

Also, I've gotten a lot of reports of annoying ads lately. If you see an annoying ad (has sound or redirects), get me the ad call and a screencap. If you get me those two things, you give me the power to destroy it! Unfortunately, a lot of scammy ads are hard to suss out without that info. Sorry for the rash of bad ads lately, but we're trying to figure it out now. Thanks!
NEW SMBC BOOK AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! AND, if you're in NYCC you can get it early along with the world's first single use unlubricated Gentleman's monocle.

For those of you in NY, we'll also be doing a pubcrawl with explosm and Oatmeal. More info, and info about a panel I'll be on here.
Giant thanks to Geeks OUT! for totally saving my ass at NYCC. Speaking of which, don't forget to come by the Cyanide and Happiness booth, where I'll be selling stuff and being awesome.