December 12, 2011
This is your last chance to be part of our chicanery! Thanks, geeks!

December 11, 2011
Indulge me. Short joke tomorrow!

Meanwhile, only 48 hours left on the DVD pre-order. Remember, if we hit 10k, we'll do weeklies again for the spring.

Here's the kind of quality stupid you can expect from another season:

December 10, 2011
(Today's comic featuring SMBC reader, Samantha!)

December 9, 2011
Thanks for all your support, geeks. It really means a lot to us. We're trying to open an office and make more content, so anything you can contribute really helps. Thanks!

December 8, 2011
Hey geeks! Skullkickers 12, which contains a story written by yours truly, is now available in comic book shops. My story contains violence and nudity! Well, discussion of nudity. Anyway, go to your local comic shop and demand it!