Hey geeks! We're trying out a new thing. As part of writing SMBC, I try to read a lot of books. I've been posting these reviews to my patreon page*, mostly for fun. A reader recommended I add amazon affiliate links, and we decided to give it a go. 

The basic deal is that I'll post my book reviews here with links to a purchase place on amazon. If you click the link and buy, I get a small cut of the purchase at no cost to you. So, if you read the review and see a book you want, just click through and buy. 
I have a huge backlog of books I'd like to recommend, so I'm starting this with a few favorites from June to see how it goes. If it seems like a good idea, I'll start doing a weekly review of what I've been reading, and we'll make this A Thing.

June 9 - Grunt (Mary Roach)

-Mary Roach is always a delight. The is the funniest and weird popular science writer working. This book is about stuff related to soldiering, though it’s a bit more wide-ranging than some of her other books.


June 17 - Ava’s Man (Bragg)

-I am just in love with Bragg. Here he gives a biography of his grandfather, a moonshine-making mountaineer, really from a different era. Great prose and great stories.


June 19 - All Creatures Great and Small (Herriot)


-A great little collection of semi-fictionalized stories about being a veterinarian to a small farming community in Yorkshire in the first half of the 20th century. I really enjoyed these. The sequels are more of the same, and though none are quite as good as the first book, they're all excellent.

Thanks for reading, geeks! I'd love to make this a regular feature. And, if you have any book recommendations, please send them my way.



*For the jealous patreon reader, we will be offsetting these reviews by a month or so, so you'll still get the reviews early :)