Hand to Mouth
"Hey SMBC fans! James Ashby here. About ten years ago, Zach and I co-wrote and ran a sketch show called SMBC Theater. We also worked on a cooking show for financially struggling people called "Hand To Mouth - When You Can Only Afford The Internet." with Marque Franklin Williams.  I've decided to reboot Hand To Mouth for people facing serious financial hardship right now, and THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF THE KICKSTARTER! 

Below is an embedded video of my 12 hour livestream starting at 2pm ET TODAY and running to 2am tonight - come say hi if you remember the old sketches! And if you don't, I'll be hosting a live marathon of all the best sketches - over 5 hours of COMEDY GOLD! - starting at 8pm ET / 5pm PT TONIGHT!! Come see what we thought was funny ten years ago before we were married and had children! Marvel at our lack of hygiene! 

And if anyone out there could really use some help, but can't afford to donate to the Kickstarter, COME TO THE PAGE ANYWAY AND DOWNLOAD THE FREE BOOTLEG COPY OF THE HAND TO MOUTH COOK BOOK! It won't look great on a modern tablet or printed out (legible but pixely), but it'll look great on a laptop from 2010!  And if you have a few bucks we've got limited edition collectible physical copies for the landed gentry!"

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