Sore throat this morning, sneezing this afternoon. Like every time I get a cold, I'm assuming it's allergies. If I get sick, I'm gonna be pissed.

Today's linky buddy is Templar, AZ by Spike. (WARNING: As of this update, the current comic involves about 10 pixels worth of wiener).
Ka-POW. Dear everyone I owe an email - I swear I will get back to you soon.

Looks like finals week is approaching. I'm taking this semester off, but still learning stuff, so I can act snooty. Anyone fail any finals so far?
Taylor/McLaurin series conquered. Also, learned the notation for binomial expansions. And, since I'm basically in this for drawing pretty symbols, that makes it a damn good day.

Also, today's Snowflakes is GOLD, I tells ya.
If anyone can explain Lorentz velocity transforms in a non-confusing way, there's a shiny nickel in it for you.