Today was a good day. Got up early, read half a book, wrote a lot (which reminds me, the latest Snowflakes is the best EVER), learned a liiiittle Greek, and finally a little math.

If every day is like today, I'll be a happy boy for the foreseeable future.

Oh, that reminds me. James will punch me in the face if I don't mention that you should TOTALLY SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel. 2400 people who got a million points, and counting.

And last, but not least, I wanted to link you nerds to the new MC Lars single. Lars is a friend and friend of the site. Go check it out!
James and I have a bet. First person to check the stats on the videos loses. The loser has to publicly say anything the winner wants him to say.

Basically, what I'm saying is, check the stats on the new vid and send them to his twitter, while screaming that he loses.
Slowly... returning... to normal... schedule.

From the looks of the local campus, school is back in session. I trust you've all become physicists?
Poom. Off to the library now so I can get some jokes written before 7am.

Also, it's Tuesday, so...

PS: I love this one. If you want to talk to Jon Brence, who plays Buddha, he twitters here.
Sorry for the crazy update schedule lately, but between visiting parents (mine AND Kelly's) and the shoot this weekend, writing/art time has been in short supply. Plus side, the sketches we shot this weekend will be the BEST YET.

Speaking of sketches, THERE'S A NEW ONE!