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Whee! Don't forget to come see me at ROFLCon!
Hey geeks! I'll be at at ROFLCON at MIT this weekend. I'll be doing a demo of my forthcoming choose your own adventure novel on Friday, followed by Super Art Fight that evening. Also, I should be doing a signing at some point.
Wow, thanks geeks! We've already topped our goal. Please remember, the more we raise, the more stupid crazy stuff we can put in the sketches!
Kelly and I will be Chartists in Residence at Ilovecharts starting in the morning (May 1). Check it out!

Also, perhaps a new favorite video of mine:

An important message from Lord Ashby!


Our new season, running September 2012 to May 2013, will be the final season of sketches for SMBC Theater. After that, we're moving on to larger projects.

But if this is going to be our LAST season, we want it to be our BEST. And to do that, we're going to need some help. We don't want to do a super-mega-fundraiser for a larger project until we release the Space Opera. We CAN'T WAIT to show you what you've let us do. So many talented artists have donated their time, and we continue to work our way through post production. But while Zach and James can't personally do the special effects, they CAN make more hilarious sketches! So we're selling a brand-new DIGITAL DVD!


James' Deep Cuts will feature fan-favorite sketches hosted by James Ashby! Problem Solved! Toy Soldiers! Arm Wrestling! More!


We're going to need money for props, costumes, sets, and crew (and/or legal fees for kidnapping crew). So for the first time this year, we will once more open the gates of our TSAB! Do you wish to join the club within our hearts? Do you wish to watch our sketches and other content with NO ADS NOT EVER? You have THREE WEEKS before the gates snap shut. We won't open them again until we release the Space Opera (likely in the Fall).

But would we be so crass as to simply ask you, the discerning internet denizen, for money? Are we investment bankers or something? NO! We're TERRIBLE at business! So we're giving away a bunch of AWESOME prizes! A new Digital DVD! A chance to see the SECRET PILOT staring Zach and James shot in early 2011! POSTERS! PERSONAL VIDEOS! ORIGINAL ART! When we grovel, we FUCKING GROVEL!


So if you love our sketches, and you'd like one last season of COMEDY GOLD, help us out by buying a DVD and joining our TSAB today! The more you buy, the dumber the sketches will be! (Or smarter. Or Dumb-smarter. Or....fucking philosophy jokes with exploding penises and topless James!)