Rotate phone to read blog

Forums are open again!


From tonight's Quakery:

WizToast: OWNED
[name withheld]: yeah, well, i had bad lag
WizToast: would that be on your computer?
WizToast: bad connection to your own computer?
[name withheld]: SHUTUP


It's 3AM. I should've been in bed 4 hours ago. I just finished the comic. Why? BECAUSE I DON'T FAIL.

PS: Anyone interested in playing a little QUAKE ONE TEAM FORTRESS this weekend should shoot me an email for time and info.


Hey guys, sorry about the trouble. My piece of shit host decided to suddenly cancel my account without warning. Apparently they are open enough to cancel my account, but not open enough to pick up the phone or answer an email without a form letter.

Since they not only cancelled my account, but LOCKED it, I've lost a bunch of news posts, and (more importantly) the forum. Hopefully we'll get back in touch and the forum will be up by Monday or Tuesday.