August 22, 2006


First, sorry for the late update. Writer's block actually materialized in front of me and poked me in the eye with a fork.

More importantly, Dani's taking commissions (for, I understand, a pretty economical rate) in order to make ends meet between rent and college. She sent me a longer message to give , but then my computer exploded. So, suffice it to say, she can draw stuff like this.

August 21, 2006

New release of The Quake Signal! It now tells you if there is 0, 1, or 2+ people logged in so you can log in and do other stuff til somebody shows up. If you already have the quake signal, be sure to quit the currently running version before you install this new version.


Personally, I can't afford it, but if you're so inclined, Phil could use some booze money for his 21st.

Also, the Google experiment has failed. Apparently none of you are interested in learning about exciting topics, such as "Volunteer Work in Tanzania" or porn filters (the kinds that keep out the porn).

Did I mention advertising with SMBC? Why yes I did! And it's still just 25 cents for 1,000 impressions. How do I do it? I'm cra-a-a-a-a-azy! (delusional psychosis).

August 20, 2006

GOOD CRAP! Two correct entries for the puzzle already. Comics? What are those?

I'm not sure who deserves the win. Technically the team headed by the infamous RABBIT was the first to solve. However, a Mr. Jonathon Millhauser was the first to turn in a completed image with all correct answers.

So, I declare it a TIE.

Furthermore, I declare that Millhauser and Rabbit shall swear an oath of hatred against one another on the grounds of crossword too-close-to-callness.

Furtherurthermore, I have resolved to create a new puzzle. One more powerful than any puzzle ever created in the history of puzzling.



PS: Check the winning entries to see if you can find THE HIDDEN MESSAGE.

BAM! Late night update. Can you HANDLE so many COMICS?

Also, SMBC is back at Wikipedia. Apparently I somehow meet the criteria that I did not meet about six months ago. Considering that the sole difference between then and now is hits (no major publications have printed me, and I haven't killed anyone), I'm beginning to lose faith in self-righteous moderators' ability to remove information they don't personally find valuable.

That said, I do love the Wikipedia, and having an entry allows me to practically quantitatively enforce my claim that mom and dad liked me best.

Also, this made me teehee.

August 19, 2006

PLEASE NOTE: If you downloaded the crossword puzzle Sunday evening, it was missing two clues. Thanks to the brilliant minds at Northwestern University (already hard at work cracking this one), the problem has been fixed. Please redownload.

Update: In addition to today's extra amazing comic, there is a brand spankin' new CROSSWORD PUZZLE, puzzled by yours truly. Hope you guys enjoy. This is probably the hardest one yet, but it's worth it.

First person or group of persons to solve the puzzle gets their site linked right here, as well as a drawing of them being badasses.

Download it here.

Comics comics comics!

Good luck to Chris and the Keeners on their new giant ad campaign. I hope everything goes well. They've recruited some great new talents lately, once again dispelling the latest wave of concerns that they are at Death's door.

In particular, go check out No Pink Ponies. If you're a lonely lonely nerd (a redundant term for two reasons), you'll like this one.

No Pink Ponies: Geeks = Questionable Content: Indie Kids.

August 18, 2006


New Chason!. Hopefully I'll get back on my regular schedule shortly. Should have another one complete tonight or tomorrow.

Quake has gotten far ridiculouser. I recommend everyone download Marty's QUAKE SIGNAL. That's right, I recommend it. Me.

Also, go check out the new storyline at Pocket Kitten (if you find it confusing, at least read until the part where Willette psychoanalyzes him) as well as the recently-updating-again Elftor.