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New video day! (NOTE: This one may be NSFW!)

Whee! So, turns out I had a bad link up to the new shirt all day. PROFESSIONALISM!

Add the Demaines to the list of super awesome people I've gotten to email exchange with, thanks to doing dick jokes. It's a strange life being a geek cartoonist.

Oh, and in case I forgot to mention, a bunch of us will be attending NYCC this year. So please come say hi.


Hey Internet! I have a new shirt out, based on a bunch of requests I got. I normally hesitate to do super-geeky shirts, but I got a lot of requests. So, if you like this one and wanna see more, please consider buying. I guarantee, you'll get more popularity and sex.*

*Not actually true. Not even kind of.
Did you know it's new video day?

AND it's new shirt day!
Sorry for the late update! Kelly and I had a fun meeting with the only slightly insane Norm Sperling. Then we went to Jedberg and Kathy's awesome wedding. WOOH!