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Quick Reference

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Character Creation
Character Sheet
Sample Character
  • Assign 75 points amongst skills, weapon proficiencies, and attributes. Max attribute score is 20.
  • Go to the dice server and roll for hit points and magic points
    Ruo's Game: 2d6 hit points, 2d10 magic points (only roll magic points if your character uses magic)
    TwoBuy's Game: 1d20 hit points, 1d10 magic points (always roll magic points)
  • Pick your items (not weapons and armor). In TwoBuy's game also pick one useful magic item.
  • Email your character sheet.
    Ruo's Game: twocone at the domain hotmail.com
    TwoBuy's Game: twobuy at the domain ihatefunny.com

Dice Server
Make sure to put your name and the reason for the roll in the comments or the roll won't count.
Example: TwoBuy - Rolling for max hit points
Dice Server
Note: There is no 4-sided die to roll on this dice server therefore if a D4 is to be rolled, simply roll a D8 and follow this easy guide: 1 or 2 = 1, 3 or 4 = 2, 5 or 6 = 3, 7 or 8 = 4.
Ruo's Game: SMBC RPG
TwoBuy's Game: SMBC RPG2

Melee Combat
Ruo's Game:
Add the attacker's "To Hit Bonus" to the defender's "Armor Bonus". The attacker must then roll that number or higher on a 1D20 to successfully hit the defender. No matter what, a natural roll of 1 always misses and a natural roll of 20 always hits (natural meaning before bonuses are applied).
Example: ruotwocone (To Hit Bonus of 10) attacks TwoBuy (Armor Bonus of 4). ruotwocone would therefore need a 14 or higher to hit TwoBuy.

TwoBuy's Game:
Attacker rolls a 1d20 to see if he hits. A player needs an 11 or higher to hit. Add the attacker's Hit Bonus to his roll. Subtract the target's Armor Bonus from the roll. A natural roll of 1 always misses and a natural roll of 20 always hits (natural meaning before bonuses are applied)
Example1: TwoBuy (Hit Bonus of 4) attacks ruotwocone (Armor Bonus of 7). TwoBuy needs to roll a 14 or higher to hit ruo.
Example2: TwoBuy (Hit Bonus of -5) attacks ruotwocone (Armor Bonus of 5). TwoBuy theoretically needs to roll a 21 or higher to hit ruo, but a roll of 20 will always hit, so this is his only possibility of success.

Magic and Skills
Ruo's Game:
Skills can be used at any time by the player unless they have limitations written in their description already (such as limit to 3 uses per day). If the skill or spell has a limited duration, that will be expressed in the description as well. Spells cost MP. The amount of MP each spell costs is in parentheses after the name of the spell for example: Fireball (3 MP).

TwoBuy's Game:
Skills and magic are treated as the same thing in TwoBuy's game. Each spell or skill takes one magic point to cast/use. To succeed at the spell/skill you need to roll your skill-attribute or lower on a 1d20. Your skill/spell level gives you a bonus to success for each level you have in that skill. Regardless of penalties or skill level, a roll of a natural 1 will always mean success and a natural 20 will always mean failure.
Example1: TwoBuy wants to use his level 1 skill Trip Penguin (ag). (ag) means it's an agility skill and TwoBuy has an agility of 8. Since it is a skill level 1, he needs to roll a 9 (8 + 1) or lower to succeed.
Example2: TwoBuy wants to use his level 7 skill
Hate You Guys (br). TwoBuy has a brains of 18, thus he needs a 25 (18 + 7) or lower to succeed. However, a roll of a 20 will always fail.

At some point your character will want to regain lost Hit Points and Magic Points.
Ruo's Game:
Magic Points are normally recovered after receiving a full night's sleep. Certain artifacts or skills may also restore MP.
Hit Points will recover at a rate of 1 HP per day. Healing potions, some skills and spells, and certain artifacts may restore HP faster.

TwoBuy's Game:
Magic Points are recovered after a full night's sleep.
Hit Points recover through skills that you or your teammates have or by healing potions (1d4 hit points recovered-see note in dice-server above about 1d4 rolls)
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