Man, it was definitely ONE OF THOSE DAYS. And, oddly, this seems to have been true of almost everyone I spoke to today, including the ever-cheery Kelly. Hopefully things will calm down a bit after Comic-Con.

Looks like we've passed the middle of summer. How are you maximizing your time off?
San Diego Comic-Con attendees!

First, don't forget, I will be attending the con. Come say hi!

Second, if you're over 21, and a fan of AWESOME, come buy tickets to the show I'll be doing with Explosm. It's a big comedy and music good time, and will be the debut of my new sketch comedy group, SMBC THEATER. Seriously, it's gonna be a good time. Plus, when I get famous (probably for homicide) you can say you saw the first ever show of SMBC Theater.
The sketches are (I think!) looking good. I think you guys will be pleased. If you want to be updated when the launch hits, check out www.smbc-theater.com.

Also, I totally did a guest comic over at fmylife.
Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhh... (but got two sketches done!)
WOO. Spent the entire day working on another sketch. Screw you people who take holiday's off.

Now, time to sleep for 4 hours...