WOW, grammar nerds. Apparently I was wrong about being wrong. I believe that makes me right. You wanna weigh in here, logic nerds?

It was a good day for nerdery in general today. I killed integration factors and introductory quantum light theory. I'm also trying to kill Anna Karenina, but MAN this book is slow. He has sections on what a guy's DOG is thinking about the situation. There is such a thing as too much world detail!

Oh, and how am I such a douche that I haven't linked to the awesome NEDROID yet? It's by Anthony Clark, and is super-keen.
Man, it was definitely ONE OF THOSE DAYS. And, oddly, this seems to have been true of almost everyone I spoke to today, including the ever-cheery Kelly. Hopefully things will calm down a bit after Comic-Con.

Looks like we've passed the middle of summer. How are you maximizing your time off?
San Diego Comic-Con attendees!

First, don't forget, I will be attending the con. Come say hi!

Second, if you're over 21, and a fan of AWESOME, come buy tickets to the show I'll be doing with Explosm. It's a big comedy and music good time, and will be the debut of my new sketch comedy group, SMBC THEATER. Seriously, it's gonna be a good time. Plus, when I get famous (probably for homicide) you can say you saw the first ever show of SMBC Theater.
The sketches are (I think!) looking good. I think you guys will be pleased. If you want to be updated when the launch hits, check out www.smbc-theater.com.

Also, I totally did a guest comic over at fmylife.
Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhh... (but got two sketches done!)